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Company's Special – Low Impact, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

We first do an in-dept consultation of the client's health needs, medical conditions, aches, pains, etc. A full-body massage, focusing on a new low pain technique, first using dry work before using oil, with a low impact touch reaching the deeper layers of muscle tissue, releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow deep finger pressure, than reaching into the muscle across the fibers, tendons and fascia with slower strokes and more direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles, and introducing stretching and loosening of the sciatic nerve and lower back. This technique has been praised by all who have experienced it.

The Low Impact technique goes directly into the lower muscle layer releasing the built-up chronic inflammation causing pain and discomfort. Due to the lack of harsh blunt strokes utilized by many massage therapists, the client will experience virtually very little pain to the affected area, and very little soreness after the massage.

The stretching techniques performed during massage of the lower extremities and lower back are extremely effective in relieving lower back, sciatica pain, and leg pains. A favorite of all who experience this technique.

The effective skillful release of the trapeziaus muscle and latisesimus dorsi muscles and tendons will rid the client of any shoulder and neck pain, tension, and lack of motion. This technique is guaranteed to gain back the lost movement of the neck and shoulder.

This technique has established long term clients, some have been clients of Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage since it was established in 2006. 

How is pain relieved:

Lower Back Pain comes from inflammation, stress, and strain. First step is to bring out blood flow and oxygen to the stressed muscle with dry circular motion to the muscle, concentrating on the gluts and sciatica. Gentle stretching is that special key exclusive to our technique.

Neck and Should pain is 80% of the common complaints massage therapists hear from our clients. At Healing Hands, we have developed an exceptional technique to relieve neck and shoulder issues. We start with bringing blood flow and oxygen to the stressed muscle with dry deep kneading to the affected areas. Then we lightly stretch and rotate the shoulders and loosen up the ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles.

Golf injuries can hinder a golfer's game. At Healing Hands, we have a technique which will loosen your lower back muscles, straighten the golfer arms, hands, and wrists for that strong swing with deep stripping of the muscles and stretching of the legs and hips.

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